Service Provider Solutions

Our service provider solutions take the cost and complexity out of delivering business class hosted VoIP services. They improve the security, setup and support of real-time, IP based communications such as voice and video.


Edgewater provides the industry’s most comprehensive solution for delivering managed services that includes

  • EdgeMarc and EdgeProtect Enterprise Session Border Controllers

    -- Acting as a CPE demarcation point these products provide a VoIP and video aware NAT/Firewall, protocol mediation for interoperability of VoIP and video devices, active VoIP line testing, call quality monitoring, survivability, QoS and more

  • EdgeView Support System and Reports Server

    -- Troubleshooting tools that provide visibility into VoIP network performance and ease the setup, monitoring and management of VoIP endpoints.

The Edgewater Solution

Connect -- Voice and video devices with protocol aware technology

The EdgeMarc ESBC is used to provide seamless connectivity between VoIP and video devices. It provides protocol mediation for SIP and H.323 to simplify real-time voice services and UC/video collaboration.

Protect -- Voice and video devices with an application aware firewall

Healthcare, retail and financial institutions must meet stringent security and privacy regulations. The EdgeMarc ESBC is an essential part of any HIPPA and PCI compliant solution and provides the technologies needed to protect valuable user data in transit and at rest. These include strong encryption, denial of service (DOS) protection, application-aware firewall, VoIP-specific security, access control, authentication, integrity and secure device management.

Optimize -- Voice and video quality through prioritizing and traffic shaping

The EdgeMarc provides flexible and easy to use traffic management to ensure high quality voice and video calls. Supporting up to 8 priority queues, the traffic management provided by the EdgeMarc is designed to ensure high quality real-time voice and video traffic is processed before lower priority data traffic. At the same time, bandwidth not in use by priority traffic is made available so that data traffic can burst up to full line rate making efficient use of network bandwidth.

Manage -- The quality of real-time communications to simplify troubleshooting

The EdgeView Virtual Appliance is used to remotely identify and resolve network impairements that negatively affect VoIP call quality. This reduces overall costs, shortens problem resolution times and improves the end-user experience.


Highlights of the solution include

  • Protocol mediation
  • IP to IP, IP to analog, IP to digital
  • VoIP aware security
  • Traffic management
  • Shaping
  • Active line testing
  • Automated provisioning
  • Flexible interfaces
  • T1, ADSL, Ethernet
  • NAT/Firewall traversal
  • Encryption
  • Prioritization
  • Call quality monitoring
  • Troubleshooting tools

Used by leading carriers, cable operators and service providers our solution reduces operating costs, increases end-user satisfaction and enables the profitable delivery of managed services to the enterprise.