Service Provider Solutions

Our service provider solutions take the cost and complexity out of delivering business class hosted VoIP services. They improve the security, setup and support of real-time, IP based communications such as voice and video.

Edgewater is a SIP Forum member and our VP of Solutions and Services, Gernot Scheichl is a member of the organization's Board of Directors.


Edgewater Networks SIP Trunking Interoperability

Service Providers and Enterprise organizations use the EdgeMarc Enterprise Session Border Controller to connect IP and TDM based PBXs to SIP trunking services.  The EdgeMarc provides the following functions:

Connects -- the PBX to the SIP trunking service by performing SIP protocol harmonization, which ensures  reliable service delivery. This PBX mediation reduces expenses for the service provider and  simplifies the installation for enterprise IT personnel.
-- voice devices by providing voice-aware security services.
-- voice quality using traffic management and prioritization.
-- the quality of real-time communications to simplify troubleshooting.

The EdgeMarc automatically manipulates SIP messages and features advanced inspection capabilities that enables it to be deployed in many different environments with a wide range of PBXs and SIP trunking services. Through testing and real-world deployments, the following PBXs and SIP Trunking Service Providers have been proven to work with the EdgeMarc.

To listen to a podcast on Edgewater's view on the advantages of SIP Trunking, click here.


SIP Trunking Service Providers

Edgewater Networks SIP Trunking Interoperability Test Program

Edgewater has made significant investments in developing a SIP trunking interoperability test program to baseline configurations and validate interoperability.

The focus of the SIP trunking interoperability test program is to ensure that the equipment and services under test will operate in a consistent and supportable manner. This includes the EdgeMarc, the PBX, station side phones, and the SIP trunking infrastructure that are a part of the SIP trunking service. These devices are run against a standard SIP trunking test plan designed to exercise both the most common and most complex call scenarios in use. Each PBX is qualified and an application note is created to document the successful configuration used. To ensure performance has not regressed in subsequent releases, Edgewater Networks develops and maintains an automated test suite.

Quick Connect PBX Certification Program

Edgewater offers a PBX certification service for SIP trunking service providers using Edgewater's Enterprise Session Border Controllers. The Quick Connect PBX certification services enables providers to outsource testing to reduce costs, free up valuable internet resources and expand markets. The certification process includes a documented test plan with over 60 individual tests, configuration guides that include EdgeMarc and PBX configurations and support for Ethernet, PRI, and analog testing. To learn more, contact