EdgeProtect Enterprise Session Border Controllers

The EdgeProtect Enterprise Session Border Controller (ESBC) is designed specifically to enable secure, high-quality, real-time video communications between distributed users.

EdgeProtect Features and Benefits
  • Seamless connectivity for distributed users
  • Simplifies B2B and B2C communication
  • SIP Registrar
  • Embedded gatekeeper or WAN/LAN side gatekeeper support
  • Application Security - Registration and Call Policy
  • Resolves local NAT/Firewall traversal issues
  • SIP/H.460 far end NAT traversal
  • SIP header normalization for wide interoperability
  • Supports remote users
  • H.239 (data sharing)
  • H.224 Far-end Camera Control (FECC)
  • Provisioning for Polycom® RealPresence® mobility clients
  • Scalability and growth with Polycom® RealPresence® platform
  • Optimized price-performance
  • SIP Header Manipulation
  • Firewall
  • ESBC for SIP Trunking (EdgeProtect 7300 only)
  • Supports 1:1 redundant configuration for high availability (EdgeProtect 7300 only)

To speak to an Edgewater representative about the EdgeProtect series, email epinformation@edgewaternetworks.com.


Datasheet - EdgeProtect 7000 Series

Datasheet - EdgeProtect 4550