EdgeMarc Enterprise Session Border Controller

The EdgeMarc Enterprise Session Border Controllers are designed to offer breakthrough price performance for large and small enterprises alike. The EdgeMarc series offers an all-in-one solution for enterprise and service providers looking to enhance the performance of their Voice and Video over IP services.

EdgeMarc 4550 Benefits

Connect - Voice and video devices to VoIP services through protocol mediation
Protect - Voice and video devices with a protocol aware security
Optimize - Voice and video quality through prioritizing and traffic shaping
Manage - The quality of real-time communications to simplify troubleshooting

EdgeMarc 4550 Features


  • SIP, H.323 support
  • Protocol mediation for device interoperability
  • VoIP survivability
  • Voice call quality monitoring, Mean Opinion Score (MOS) prediction
  • Detailed network quality statistics (jitter, latency, etc,)
  • VoIP and Video over IP prioritization
  • Traffic shaping, Diffserv, Policing, Call Admission Control (CAC)
  • Stateful packet inspection firewall
  • VoIP protocol aware NAT/firewall
  • TLS client for EdgeProtect connections
  • Standards-based management: SNMP, telnet, SSH, HTTP, HTTPS, RADIUS
  • Syslog external and local reporting
  • PING, traceroute, TCPdump utilities
  • Edgewater EdgeView Plug & Dial compatible
  • Flexible WAN interfaces including multiple T1/E1 and Ethernet
  • Supports up to 70 concurrent VoIP calls





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