EdgeView Virtual Appliance

The EdgeView Virtual Appliance is a critical solution for service providers and enterprises looking for faster installation times and to better monitor/manage VoIP quality. The VoIP Support System offers proven operational savings and allows services provider and enterprise customers to easily scale their VoIP service through the central management of Edgewater Networks' EdgeMarc and EdgeProtect Series products.

EdgeView Virtual Appliance Overview

The EdgeView Virtual Appliance enables service providers and enterprise customers to easily scale their VoIP service through the central management and monitoring of Edgewater Networks’ EdgeMarc™ and EdgeProtect™ products. It provides device management, VoIP performance monitoring and troubleshooting, performance reporting and the automated provisioning of many VoIP devices.

With EdgeView Virtual Appliance, network operators are able to remotely identify and resolve network impairments that negatively affect VoIP call quality. This reduces overall costs, shortens problem resolution times and improves the end-user experience.

The EdgeView Virtual Appliance is used to manage networks of all sizes and can be installed as a standalone system or in a redundant high-availability configuration for carrier grade environments.



  • Simplified troubleshooting using tools such as MOS (mean opinion scores) and LAN/WAN signaling capture
  • Reduce installation times of EdgeMarc EdgeProtect, and phones - from hours to minutes
  • Performance reporting provides unprecedented visibility into the call quality and the performance of the VoIP network
  • Leverage data-rich knowledgebase that provies a vast library for troubleshooting problems to identify root cause and mitigrations






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