SDN: It’s not just for Techies

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September 11, 2014
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Since the last time we wrote about it here on our blog, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and its ‘partner in crime’ Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) continue to be hot topics when it comes to telecom service provisioning. As we can see from the infographic below, however, not everyone is jumping so readily on to the SDN bandwagon- at least not yet.

SDN infographic

As a network architecture, SDN gives telcos a bird’s eye view of the system’s infrastructure and allows functions to be provisioned from a central controller from the top down. This makes it easier, in conjunction with NFV, to install applications with minimal hassle and cost since new customer premises equipment (CPE) is rarely needed.

As we can see from the infographic, “innovators” and “early adopters” in the world of IT operations are adopting this new technology but they still need a bit of direction. However, it’s the 50% of individuals in the “early majority” that need to be convinced exactly why SDN is of benefit to them. It will need to be clearly presented to show them exactly how easy it is to implement.

As Edgewater Networks has written extensively about SDN, its benefits, and the future of this technology in the telecom industry, we can tell you from experience that this infrastructure is not only easy to install, but has been responsible for saving both telecom service providers and clients time and money, while still ensuring security and overall session quality. For instance, our most recent product, a virtualized ESBC, is set to be released in Q4-14 and will dramatically change the deployment model for an organizations video conferencing infrastructure by streamlining it and eliminating the need to have a device on prem.

In short, SDN is not just for the “techies” in the room. It is not only easy to provision in and of itself, but it will make it easier for service providers in the telecom space to implement new functions and applications as well. In our next few blog posts, we’ll be speaking about how Hosted PBX, another technology that utilizes the SDN/NFV, is changing the face of the telecom industry and how it is saving customers significant amounts of both time and money. In the meantime, check out our whitepaper “Putting ‘Services’ back into ‘Service Providers’”.


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