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May 18, 2017

Add These Money Making Components to Your Communications Solutions

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When it comes to purchase drivers for communications solutions, SMBs are motivated by three factors: 

  1. Is the service provider trustworthy?
  2. Does the offer provide good economic value?
  3. Is the sales process hassle free?

Providers that are able to check motivators off the list quickly are better positioned to gain market share. But there is even better news. Making small changes to product offerings, like adding in additional simplification and enhancement components, will also offer moneymaking opportunities.

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When it comes to SMBs, too many choices like feature sets, phone brands and models, customer premises equipment, and deployment options will deter them from buying.

So what will persuade SMBs to buy and perhaps even spend a little more on valued-added features? The following 3 components:

1.    Business Continuity with Survivability

Purchase Drivers Fulfilled:

  • Trustworthy – Can rely on service uptime
  • Good Economic Value – Eliminates costly downtime
  • Hassle Free – Don’t have to worry about finding a backup telephony option 

SMBs don’t have time to worry about their communications solutions going down. Plus, if you try to talk to them about distributed denial of service (DDoS), it’s very possible they will be put off by the subject complexity without having an in-house technical expert.

Providers can still use the pain point as a revenue opportunity. Those that mention a business continuity guarantee will certainly win points. For SMBs in particular, they cannot afford any downtime as many rely on their phone systems to complete transactions that impact their bottom lines. 

To make additional revenue by offering survivability, providers should simply describe that a failover solution is available in the case of an outage event, at no extra work to the customer. By adopting an intelligent edge solution that has survivability, providers can extend the benefits of the session border controller acting as a local PBX, while routing outbound calls to alternative access facilities. Another benefit is that neither party has to worry about switching back to normal functionality once stability is obtained since the survivability feature actively monitors the primary connection.

2.    Network Edge Orchestration

Purchase Drivers Fulfilled:

  • Trustworthy – Brings technical muscle in a simple package
  • Good Economic Value – Reduces service charges
  • Hassle Free – Bundled solution 

SMBs are driven by simple, packaged solutions since they often do not have the time or technical knowledge to piece together solutions. By adding in Network Edge Orchestration, providers can streamline all that SMBs need for quality of service (QoS). Using Network Edge Orchestration, providers can leverage intelligent edges to manage traffic and collect actionable insights, while also accessing a service control center to manage the edge, troubleshoot, and remediate issues.

In a study completed by Edgewater Networks, SMB respondents placed tremendous importance on lowering total cost of ownership and eliminating service charges for support and maintenance. With Network Edge Orchestration, providers can do that by eliminating truck rolls by completing remote maintenance, getting ahead of issues with constant monitoring, and using intelligence edges to shape traffic to ensure QoS. 

3.    Telecom Software as a Service Offerings

Purchase Drivers Fulfilled:

  • Trustworthy – Shows that even small customers count
  • Good Economic Value – Subscription-based model that uses OpEx
  • Hassle Free – Can be switched on or off in a matter of minutes 

Network Edge Orchestration on its own can convince customers to buy since it fulfills all of the purchase drivers. But for some small companies, extending services to each site can be too costly. In those cases, using SaaS to bring capabilities to all sites regardless of size, at a monthly subscription cost that doesn’t require CapEx is the perfect option. SMBs will also have the opportunity to try the product before they buy it because SaaS offerings can be switched on or off monthly. 

Create New Communications Solutions Revenue Streams Today 

If providers don’t want to get stuck offering the same unified communications and IP-based solutions as the rest of the competition, then it’s time to add Network Edge Orchestration and Cloud2Edge Complete to their solutions. 

Edgewater Networks has created a telecom SaaS offering that allows intelligent edge benefits to be deployed at every location with a survivability feature. The shared success model motivates SMBs to buy the simple, cost-effective, and bundled solutions, while also offering new revenue streams for providers. To learn more about how to make money with Edgewater Networks’ solution, read our new white paper: Using Network Edge Orchestration to Increase Profits.


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