SD-WAN Gets Easier for SMBs With Turnkey Solutions

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April 19, 2018
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For many IT professionals shopping around for their next great technology, they want to find solutions that will still have essential value over five years or more. According to IDC’s “Software-Defined WAN Survey,” software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) hits that nail on the head as 53.4% of mid-sized companies plan to deploy SD-WAN by August of this year. In 2018, SD-WAN is not just a stepping-stone to the next great network enhancement, instead, it is the facilitator to the digital age of business.

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The rapid growth of SD-WAN is changing the networking landscape for businesses of all sizes, in a stunningly cost-efficient way. By increasing network efficiency, providing visibility, and real-time control over network traffic, businesses finally have the agility that this cloud-inclined world demands.

The proof is in the list of network and management improvements that IT professionals cite as top drivers for SD-WAN adoption, including: 

  • Bandwidth optimization
  • Consistent application security
  • Improved automation and self-provisioning
  • Faster deployment
  • Operational efficiency
  • Reduced IT complexity

Could SD-WAN be more beneficial for the SMB than the enterprise?

If you have been keeping up with SD-WAN trends for a while, you’re probably used to hearing all about the enterprise. But, when reading through the list of top drivers, each point seems size-agnostic, rather than favoring an enterprise or SMB. In fact, SMB networks are less complicated, making deployment of SD-WAN a smoother process. With less complicated configurations, policy definitions, and management oversight, it seems that SMBs get the advantages of the technology more quickly. However, SD-WAN solutions can come in many forms and not all align well with the operations of smaller businesses.

Turnkey Solutions in a Crowded Marketplace

The SD-WAN marketplace is quickly becoming crowded with vendors that are promising Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees, simplicity, and cost reduction. But what level of effort does it take for companies to deploy and leverage the capabilities?

Oftentimes, implementing SD-WAN requires purchasing of branch appliances, which must be configured, managed, and monitored. For SMBs, which generally lack the IT resources to implement and support networking technologies, those activities would act as a roadblock to adoption.

To push SD-WAN downstream and overcome impediments, vendors are now creating turnkey solutions for the SMB that deliver the benefits without the effort. This often includes a simple administrative interface for either the business or communication service provider, zero-touch provisioning, and solution Delivery-as-a-Service.

Deliver Plug-and-Play SD-WAN With Edgewater Networks

At Edgewater Networks we have recently debuted our SD-WAN solution that was built on our traditional strength in supporting the needs of the SMB. Recognizing that the market was largely underserved by the SD-WAN vendor ecosystem, our solution brings in the technology to ensure businesses are always up-and-running, while also avoiding the struggles of hands-on network management.

With our cloud-based management through the EdgeView Service Control Center, provisioning, troubleshooting, and management of the VoIP network can all be completed virtually by providers for better quality, uptime, and resilience.

To learn more, download our white paper Extending SD-WAN to the Small and Medium Enterprise Market.

Download our White Paper on Extending SD-WAN to the SME Market

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