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Can UCaaS Compete with Cloud Providers in the SD-WAN Space?

by Chris Kolstad

Service providers that have recently began dipping their toes into the SD-WAN market may soon have to contend with some 800-lb gorillas – cloud providers. Over the last few months, AWS, Azure, and Oracle have all partnered with (or outright acquired) SD-WAN vendors. Cloud providers see these partnerships with SD-WAN as a natural marriage – after all, SD-WAN can significantly improve access to the cloud.

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October 23, 2018 BLog List Date Underline

Skype Classic is Ending – Here’s What this Might Mean for SfB

by John Macario

On November 1st, a newer and more youth-oriented version of Microsoft's Skype platform will finally replace the older version. Early adopters have had some negative things to say about the updates, but the software giant maintains that it's ironed out the kinks.

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October 18, 2018 BLog List Date Underline

Sprint Finally Adopts VoLTE, Clearing the Way for the End of 3G

by Brian Gregory

VoLTE has been around since 2012, but major carriers have been slow to adopt it. While Verizon began to implement the service in 2014, AT&T didn’t inaugurate the service until two years later. Although It has since become the current ruling standard for high-speed wireless data, many regional and at least one national carrier have still resisted VoLTE implementation.

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August 03, 2018 BLog List Date Underline

Building Revenue in the Hosted PBX 1-9 Users Market

by John Macario

Come and experience the “world’s largest underserved market!” Said in the right voice, it almost sounds like an attraction at a carnival or circus, but this time, it’s far from a mustachioed man clad in leopard print hoisting a bending barbell high overhead.

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May 31, 2018 BLog List Date Underline

Understanding the Benefits of Network Slicing

by John Macario

As a UCaaS service provider, it’s likely that you have a number of very different customers, with dramatically different bandwidth needs. One customer might always be on the phone, relatively speaking – think of companies with large contact centers, sales bullpens, and customer service organizations. Another might use their UCaaS implementation fairly infrequently – but when they do, they typically broadcast high-definition streaming video.

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SIP Trunking Survey: Many Don't Have any SBCs