Cloud2Edge Complete is a new, flexible model for taking advantage of all the products and services Edgewater Networks has to offer. It bundles all the tools and services needed for Network Edge Orchestration at a low, monthly subscription price, that allows you to:

  • Increase Installation Efficiencies
  • Reduce Customer Care Interactions
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

What is Cloud2Edge Complete?

Cloud2Edge Complete is an innovative way to purchase all the capabilities and benefits of Network Edge Orchestration. It Includes everything you need to deliver a high quality and secure experience to your Hosted Telephony, Unified Communications, or IP trunking customers as an on demand service.  

At the core of Cloud2Edge Complete is the EdgeView Service Control Center. It offers a central interface to manage service quality from the network core to IP endpoints, collect service quality data for reporting and analytics, and troubleshoot and remediate service quality issues. The EdgeView Service Control Center complements any network infrastructure to give service providers the most complete view of their customers’ communications networks, from the core to the edge.


What is included?

Cloud2Edge Complete includes the following Network Edge Orchestration components in a single, predictable monthly price:

Edgeview Service Control Center

Efficiently provision customers, manage endpoints, and remediate service quality issues

Unlimited Call Volume Usage

Cloud2Edge Complete pricing is based on the number of EdgeMarc Intelligent Edge devices under management (sold separately). No matter how small or how large the site, you pay a single flat rate per device. Because the usage is bundled within the monthly price, EdgeMarc Intelligent Edge pricing is considerably lower than comparable perpetual licensed EdgeMarcs.

Premium Technical Support

Edgewater Networks stands behind its products with a full array of technical support services.

Cloud2Edge Complete versus Perpetual Licensed Products


Benefits of Cloud2Edge Complete

The Cloud2Edge Complete offering provides the latest and greatest in software in an economic highly scalable and flexible solution for all organizations. It comes fully available with all that you would need for a rapidly deployed set it and forget it solution that allows you to only pay for what you use without any add ons. With this solution you will find the benefits of increasing customer satisfaction, reducing the amount of customer care interactions, and also increasing the installation efficiencies.  


Pay for only what you need. Pricing is per-site and independent of the size of your location.


Op-ex cost model eliminates any large upfront investments


Significantly reduced pricing for EdgeMarc Intelligent Edges



Cloud2Edge Complete enables customers to “pay for only what you need,” as usage is pooled and aggregated at the account level rather than the device-level. Our full scale on demand SaaS solution also lowers the barrier to entry for small site deployments as hardware costs are reduced, up to 80% in some instances. Lastly, Cloud2Edge Complete reduces the cap-ex burden for service providers, eliminating large up-front purchases with a pay-as-you-go op-ex pricing model.


We currently have a strong roster of Cloud2Edge Universal Partners and are always looking to add more. If you are interested in learning more about our partner program, feel free to contact us for more information.

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What is Cloud2Edge Complete?

Cloud2Edge Complete is a subscription-based offer that combines everything you need for Network Edge Orchestration into a single monthly price point. It eliminates the need to license by the number of concurrent calls, instead providing a single price per site independent of the number of users or calls. Sites with 5 or 500 phones will pay the same monthly price. Cloud2Edge includes the following components in the monthly price:

  • The EdgeView Service Control Center and subcomponents such as Report Server and SIP Analytics
  • Support and maintenance for EdgeView and any EdgeMarcs under management
  • In addition, hardware prices are greatly reduced as the call licensing is now included within the Cloud2Edge monthly price.
What are the benefits of Cloud2Edge Complete?

The key benefits are:

  • An “Op-ex” cost model. Cloud2Edge Complete eliminates the large up-front investments associated with a Cap-Ex purchasing model. You pay for only what you need, and as you grow you can incrementally add more capacity.
  • Pay for only what you need. With Cloud2Edge Complete, usage is largely eliminated with a flat price per unit per month.
  • Reduced hardware costs. As call usage is now included in the monthly service fee, device pricing is greatly reduced.
What is the pricing?

Pricing is flat rate independent of the number of calls on the EdgeMarc. You pay for exactly what you use, and it doesn’t matter how many users/calls are occurring per site. Please contact your Cloud2Edge Complete distributor for more information.

What are the purchasing options?

Cloud2Edge Complete is only available in a monthly recurring model. A 36-month commitment is required.

Can existing (currently fielded) EdgeMarc units be added to Cloud2Edge?

Yes, existing customers can take advantage of Cloud2Edge in a single environment. Since existing units were purchased at a higher price (i.e., purchased a unit with perpetually licensed concurrent calls) and in many cases have purchased EdgeView licenses, these units will pay a lower price point.

Terms are:

  • Customer will pay the lower rate for as long as the unit is active on the network
  • Once a unit has been replaced, it will revert to the regular Cloud2Edge pricing (a RMA unit will stay at the lower price)
  • Legacy units do not affect any quantity discounts for the non-legacy unit pricing
  • Licensing for legacy units will not change (i.e., if they are currently licensed for 10 calls, they stay at 10 calls). The customer is able to purchase license upgrades if need be.
  • A small professional services fee will apply to convert the current environment to a Cloud2Edge supported environment.
What about upgrades?

A Cloud2Edge customer is entitled to all product upgrades during the term of their contract, including the upgrade from the current EdgeView (version 14.8) to EdgeView 15. EdgeView 15 is a complete redesign and re-architecture, greatly improving the functions as well as the look and feel.

What is the implementation process?

A high-level customer turn-up and billing process is as follows:

  1. Customer signs contract for Cloud2Edge, agreeing to the price schedule. If there are any legacy units that are added, they will be tabulated and billed accordingly
  2. EWN will configure EdgeView and its components in the customer’s data center
  3. Upon installation completion and customer approval, the contract term begins
  4. The customer will add EdgeMarc devices to their network at whatever interval they desire
  5. At the end of the month, Edgewater will tabulate the number of “new” and “legacy” units on the network and bill in arrears for the service
What about EdgeMarc devices used for Cloud2Edge?

EdgeMarcs will be configured specifically for Cloud2Edge Complete and can only be used for the Cloud2Edge Complete offering. If a customer tries to use a Cloud2Edge Complete EdgeMarc in a non-EV Complete installation, it will not function. Cloud2Edge enabled EdgeMarc devices are available from Edgewater Networks distributor partners such as Ingram Micro, Jenne, and ScanSource.

What if I’m interested in a managed service where I don’t want to host EdgeView and manage my own environment?

A number of partners will host and manage EdgeView as well as help manage your environment. Contact your Edgewater sales representative for more details.

Can I become an Cloud2Edge partner and resell the service?

Yes! A Universal partner can become a managed service provider of Cloud2Edge Complete. A Universal partner would host their own multi-tenant version of EdgeView and provide Tier 1 or Tier 2 support to their customers. Contact your Edgewater Networks sales representative for more details.

Is there a minimum number of EdgeMarcs that must be ordered at the time of the Cloud2Edge Complete subscription services?

No, there is no Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), but the customer will start being billed no later than 60 days after contract signing even if no EdgeMarcs are enabled.




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For more information, contact us at to learn more about Cloud2Edge Complete and our EdgeMarc Intelligent Edges. Edgewater Networks can demonstrate how implementing Cloud2Edge Complete can increase installation efficiencies, reduce customer care interactions, and increase customer satisfaction, resulting in a positive Total Cost of Ownership.