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VoIP Hacking - What's in it for the Attacker? 

The first step to ensuring VoIP service security is knowing your enemy. So the question remains—what’s in it for different kinds of VoIP hackers? 

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Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 15.32.41.png Interviews Edgewater Network's John Macario

Watch Rich Tehrani of interview Edgewater Network's SVP Marketing and Product Management, John Macario, on what differentiates Edgewater Networks and what are the upcoming trends in the Unified Communications space. 

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Network Edge Orchestration- An Introduction to Edgewater Networks

If you want to learn more about Network Edge Orchestration and Edgewater Networks, take a look at this overview presentation.

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SWOT Analysis: Skype for Business Online

See our SlideShare detailing Gartner's report coverage of Microsoft's cloud-based communication solution called Skype for Business Online  complete with SWOT analysis.

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Can Google Finally Change the Face of Unified Communications?

Google’s partnership with RingCentral in June 2016 marks its latest attempt to plug the holes in its unified communications offering. Will this be the move that allows Google to overcome Microsoft in the medium to large enterprise market?

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