The EdgeView Service Control Center (SCC) is the centralized interface network operators need to remotely identify and resolve network issues. It’s graphical, easy to use interface allows you to monitor your voice and video customers simply and easily. EdgeView SCC assists your service team in readily solving customer issues leading to lower costs and higher customer satisfaction.

EdgeView SCC works in tandem with EdgeMarc Intelligent Edge devices to provide a complete view of your network. EdgeMarc provides EdgeView SCC the data source for network edge performance monitoring, assistance with troubleshooting, and reporting. Gain greater insights on LAN-side issues and access endpoint diagnostics. Using Zero Touch Provisioning, EdgeView SCC can speed installations and make them more accurate.

Orchestrate The Edge

EdgeView SCC provides visibility to all voice and data traffic and real-time alerts/alarms for remote troubleshooting and management. As an example, EdgeView SCC can enable automated “triggers” that kick-off enhanced troubleshooting. This allows operators to be notified of issues and provide them a toolset to determine the root cause. Many times the issue can be solved before the customer reaches out to customer care.


EdgeView Service Control Center Features

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Configuration Management

Element Management, Multi-tenant functions, Firmware Repository, Automated Security Updates

Proactive Monitoring

Real-time Visibility, Event-Based Triggers and Notifications

Remote Troubleshooting

Issue Recognition and Remediation, Remote Diagnostic Tools


Service Quality, SLA, Configurable Data Retention


Analytics Data, KPIs, Automated Reports, Data Archive

API Integration

Integrate with billing platforms, reporting engines

See Your Performance

The EdgeView SCC provides dashboards and easy to read visual tools. Using EdgeView SCC, users can quickly examine trends and determine problem areas and network performance. They can also drill down into customer details and metrics for every call. Visualizations include:

  • WAN performance showing degradation and outages
  • Mean opinion scores (MOS) trends
  • Call ladder diagrams

Zero Touch Provisioning

ZTP is a value-added capability that enables EdgeMarc devices to be installed quickly and accurately. ZTP has a number of capabilities including:

  • Redirection of an EdgeMarc to EdgeView for further provisioning
  • Installation of a selected firmware levels
  • Push of a configuration template to install the device parameters for the particular installation

ZTP also integrates with market leading provisioning servers to provide you a single pane of glass for customer turn-up.

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Hosted PBX

SIP Trunking

The Edgewater Networks solution is ideal for connecting enterprise subscribers to cloud based services such as Hosted PBX offerings. It provides all of the needed functions to deliver an enterprise class voice service, including:

  • Broad interoperability
  • Simplified installation
  • NAT/Firewall traversal
  • VoIP survivability
  • Quality of Service
  • Automated provisioning
  • Troubleshooting

SIP Trunking is the use of voice over IP (VoIP) to facilitate the connection of a PBX to the Internet. The technology reduces overall costs and enhances reliability of multimedia services such as voice, video, and data. It offers the following capabilities:

  • Simplified installation
  • Security and connectivity
  • High quality vice
  • Monitoring, Management & Troubleshooting with EdgeView

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