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Network Edge Orchestration is a hybrid Cloud/Edge solution that combines our award winning combination of EdgeView Service Control Center with our EdgeMarc Intelligent Edge solutions.ITSPA_FINALIST-Best-VoIP-Innovation-2017-1.png

  • The cloud-based EdgeView Service Control Center provisions, configures and manages Intelligent Edge solutions and provides real-time visibility into performance and service quality.
  • Intelligent Edge solutions at the customer premises actively monitor, secure, and optimize service quality for voice, data and video traffic.

With over 500,000 Intelligent Edges under management, the Network Edge Orchestration platform enables users to rapidly scale to meet market demand, reduce capital and operational costs and provide a high quality customer experience while reducing customer churn.

live webinar with frost and sullivan about network edge orchestration unified communications and collaboration

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Intelligence At The Edge

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EdgeView provides visibility to all voice and data traffic with real-time alerts/alarms for remote troubleshooting and management, fault isolation and reporting, and automated provisioning.


EdgeView Service Control Center

The EdgeView Service Control Center (SCC) offers end-to-end visibility, from the MSO network to the customer premises to IP endpoints.  It can automatically provision and configure Intelligent Edge deployment models, give real-time alerts on service quality issues, rapidly isolate service faults and deliver advanced analytics to optimize network performance and service quality.

The EdgeView SCC is used for:

        • Provisioning and Managing Intelligent Edges
        • Monitoring and Alerting
        • Troubleshooting and Issue Remediation
        • Reporting and Analysis

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Intelligent Edge Solutions

EdgeMarc Intelligent Edges seamlessly pair with the EdgeView SCC to actively monitor, secure, and optimize service quality for voice, data and video traffic.  EdgeMarc Intelligent Edges offer:

        • Automated Detection
        • Service Quality Monitoring
        • Proactive Troubleshooting
        • Fault Tolerance
        • Interoperability

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The Edgewater solution is ideal for connecting enterprise subscribers to cloud based services such as Hosted PBX offerings. It provides all of the needed functions to deliver an enterprise class voice service including:

  • Broad interoperability
  • Simplified installation
  • NAT/Firewall traversal
  • VoIP survivability
  • Quality of Service
  • Automated provisioning
  • Troubleshooting
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SIP Trunking

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SIP trunking is the use of voice over IP (VoIP) to facilitate the connection of a PBX to the Internet. The technology reduces overall costs and enhances reliability of multimedia services such as voice, video, and data.

  • Simplified Installation
  • Security and Connectivity
  • High Quality Voice
  • Monitoring, Management, & Troubleshooting with EdgeView


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