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Cloud2Edge Complete - A Better Way to Manage Your Network

As communication on networks and the products delivered upon them become more and more complex, service providers are seeking ways to stay ahead of the challenges. Edgewater Networks’ suite of services, called Network Edge Orchestration, can undoubtedly help with managing that complexity.

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Edgewater Networks SD-WAN Solution Brief


Edgewater Networks SD-WAN

As corporate networks adapt to distributed workforces and the proliferation of cloud-based applications, SD-WAN has emerged as a go-to technology solution. Edgewater Networks’ approach to SD-WAN comes from our traditional strength in supporting the needs of the small to medium-sized enterprises (SME).

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Four Best Practices for Engineering Quality Assurance

Learn the four best practice methods Edgewater Networks utilizes in order to refine its software development and test processes to adapt to a growing customer base.

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Intelligent Edge And Beyond - with Yealink Endpoints

For systems like Yealink, Edgewater Networks Intelligent Edge solution improves the ease-of- use, interoperability and general stickiness of their solution. It also allows them to proactively monitor and manage UC security.

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The Four Pillars of VoIP Security

Like most technologies, VoIP adoption came first, and security often became an afterthought. Learn the four checkpoints businesses need to fulfill in order to be certain that their VoIP implementations are secure.

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Ecosystem Integration: Complete UCaaS Offering With: BroadSoft and Edgewater Networks

The Edgewater Networks’ Network Edge Orchestration platform integrates seamlessly with the BroadSoft VoIP application suite, providing users with a powerful solution with visibility from the service provider cloud to customer endpoints.

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Ecosystem Integration: Optimized Video Conferencing with BlueJeans Network and Edgewater Networks

Delivering the videoconferencing platform easier, faster, safer, and with less of a drain on existing resources is critical to its evolution and adoption amongst the masses.

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The Intelligent Edge Ends The Tradeoff Between TLS, SRTP, and QOS

Organizations have historically had to make compromise between security and call quality. Edgewater Networks has developed a solution that allows organizations to have both end-to-end ecnryption and also superior Quality of Service. 

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Streamlining VoIP Troubleshooting with EdgeView

For any service provider that has been contacted about intermittent call quality or VoIP service issues, the need for a more efficient means of troubleshooting is clear.

With the EdgeView Service Control Center in place, service providers gain access to a customizable monitoring and alerting module that can make troubleshooting easier while eliminating the need for truck rolls.

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EdgeView Service Control Center - Monitoring and Alerts: Improving VoIP Services

Becoming more proactive in the management of hosted VoIP management is a constant struggle for service providers—but one that can be solved with the right platform.

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Multi-Site VoIP Service Reporting and Analysis Using EdgeView Service Control Center

Rather than focusing on MOS scores collected by EdgeMarc intelligent edges at a specific customer site, the Reports Server gives service providers access to three separate, higher-level reporting categories—EdgeView Voice Analytics, EdgeView Data Analytics, and EdgeView Network Analytics.

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How To: Purchasing the EdgeView Service Control Center

The EdgeView Service Control Center is a cloud-based solution that delivers visibility to all voice and data traffic on both the service provider WAN and the customer LAN. It provides real-time alerts for remote troubleshooting and management, fault isolation and reporting, and automated provisioning.

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How To: Automate EdgeMarc Provisioning and Management to Support Hosted Sites at Scale

Service providers have been tasked with deploying hosted VoIP at a rapid pace to keep up with increasingly growing, multi-location businesses. However, there is a limit to the speed with which technicians can deploy VoIP services and the intelligent edge solutions that support them. 

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Core to Edge Network Management & Analytics with Edgewater Networks & Metaswitch Networks

Network Edge Orchestration completes Metaswitch Networks' Hosted PBX delivery model using cloud-based network endpoint monitoring and troubleshooting and customer premises-based platforms offer security and service management. Learn how Network Edge Orchestration fits into the Metaswitch ecosystem.

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Network Edge Orchestration- The Key to Voice and Video Convergence

Even though it seems like vendors and service providers have been calling for voice and video convergence for nearly 15 years, the growing adoption of advanced VoIP solutions and demand for unified communications innovation are presenting an opportunity to talk seriously about convergence.

Learn why network edge orchestration is a necessary backbone to ensure quality, security and efficient management:

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Simplifying VoIP Troubleshooting with the EdgeView Platform

As SMBs become more interested in hosted IP telephony, service providers must shift their focus to reach a new field of potential customers. There's just one issue- SMBs expect VoIP service quality to equal the quality of their legacy TDM systems and they'll find a new provider if service fails to meet their expectations.

Learn how you can centralize management for quick and efficient problem solving:

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Including an EdgeMarc ESBC in Every Telecom Deployment

As network demands reach new heights and VoIP quality suffers, VARs are left with customer complaints and no efficient way to address them.
ESBCs should be included in every telecom deployment as a means of gaining manageable control of the network's edge; learn how Edgewater Networks' Intelligent Edge ESBCs offer specific advantages that any VAR can benefit from greatly. 
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The Key to Selling OTT Voice Solutions

Traditional network operators have made attempts at modernizing their offerings and joining the landscape of OTT solutions providers, but have largely failed to match the quality and agility of dedicated players. Without the same level of control telcos once enjoyed, network operators are struggling to maintain quality and customer satisfaction in the OTT market.
Learn how to provide the visibility, manageability and security necessary to deliver an OTT solution that can adapt to rapidly changing customers needs.
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The Telecom Reporting System that Every Company Needs

Many service providers have survived without a telecom reporting system up until this point. But as SMBs transition from their reliable (yet limited) TDM systems, they'll expect impeccable QoS and security while reducing communications complexity.
Implementing a telecom reporting system is the only way to gain actionable control of communications services.
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How Network Edge Orchestration Supports the 90/10 Rule of Telecom Deployments

What is one of the simplest and most effective ways to evolve your business in the rapidly growing world of telecom? The answer lies in the unversal 80/20, or 90/10, rule that has been well-entrenched and accepted across many industries. 

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Solutions Portfolio

Edgewater Networks' Network  Edge Orchestration powers real-time communication services for Enterprise and SMB customers and leading Service Providers.

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Best Practices for Hosted PBX- Offer Development

The market for Hosted Telephony services - Hosted PBX, Hosted Unified Communications (UC) - is a fast growing, dynamic marketplace. Growth is strong for a number of reasons, including the need to replace aging legacy equipment, the attractiveness of the feature set that Hosted services provide, and the attractive “Op-Ex” cost model that no longer requires the purchase of a depreciating asset (i.e., a PBX).

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Firewalls vs. Session Border Controller

As companies today deploy SIP trunks and IP Communications Solutions, one of the first decisions they face is determining how to best secure these systems against hackers and outside threats. Without adequate protection, companies risk the disruptive effects of DoS attacks, theft of service, eavesdropping and other cyber threats. For many, it comes down to a Session Border Controller (SBC) or a Firewall.

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Solution Brief: Toll Fraud - Stop It From Happening.jpg


Toll Fraud - Stop It From Happening

Toll fraud is alive and well, costing companies millions. It is difficult to prevent, identify and can go undetected for some time.

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Best Practices for Hosted Unified Communications Implementation

There is little doubt that customer turn-up of hosted Unified Communications (UC) is a complex endeavor. Implementation involves many moving parts, including internal hand-offs, the capturing of granular customer information, a complex installation process, and end user training.

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Solution Brief: Best Practices for Hosted Unified Communications Sales and Marketing.png


Best Practices for Hosted Unified Communications Sales and Marketing

The marketplace for Hosted UC is clearly in a growth phase. Customers large and small are moving to Hosted services for reasons such as cost flexibility and productivity improving features. In the first white paper, we focused on building an offer and pricing it competitively. However, an attractive product and well-priced offer does not stand on its own. You need marketing to attract customers and a sales methodology that can turn prospects into customers.

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