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General Support FAQs

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For Immediate Assistance
If you are looking for immediate assistance, please contact us at (408) 351-7255, or email
Where can I download the latest manuals?
How do I configure the EdgeMarc for SIP Trunking?
• We can help you do that.
• For a step-by-step document, click here: Edgewater_ConfigureEdgeMarcForSIPTrunking
Is there an EdgeMarc troubleshooting guide?
Can the EdgeMarc support multiple Softswitches for redundancy?
• Yes.
• To download the how-to guide, click here: Edgewater_EdgeMarcSupportMultipleSoftswitchesRedundancy
How can I install an EdgeMarc into a network with an existing firewall?
• Yes.
• For the solution, click here: Edgewater_InstallEdgeMarcIntoNetworkWExistingFirewall
Can the EdgeMarc Support failover of VoIP calls if the WAN link fails?

Yes, Edgewater Networks has a feature in our solutions called Survivability that will allow the user to still make external to external calls and also call out to a third party through the LAN-side gateway.

For more information, please refer to the Knowledgebase if you have a current support contract.

To learn how, click here: Edgewater_EdgeMarcSupportFailoverVoIPCallsWANLinkFails


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