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Support and Maintenance Programs

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Support Contracts

Standard Support is a standalone service package that provides support above and beyond what can be offered by hardware and software warranties, or by the support and maintenance package that is included with some Edgewater Networks products. Specifically, Standard Support offers customers business hours access to the Edgewater Networks Technical Assistance Center (TAC), guarantees a response within a four-hour time frame, and gives access to an online case portal that allows customers to submit support tickets, the Edgewater Networks knowledgebase, bug fixes, and software downloads.

Premium Support contains all of the benefits of a Standard Support contract above, with added benefits that include priority access to the TAC, a guaranteed one-hour response time, and after-hours support in the event of a Severity 1 network outage (see definitions below).

Built-in Maintenance and Replacement

The Limited Hardware Warranty covers the repair and return of a device that has failed in the field, due to a hardware breakdown. There is a 10 business day turnaround time, from the time the hardware is received by Edgewater Networks. Unlike Premium Support or Standard Support, the Limited Hardware Warranty cannot be renewed, and does not convey any priority in terms of access to the TAC.

The Limited Software Warranty comes included with all products. It activates at the time of shipping, and lasts one year. It cannot be renewed, and covers only the software version that was installed on the shipped box. The Limited Software Warranty can be invoked when features of EdgeMarc, EdgeProtect, or EdgeView are disabled or not working as advertised.

Standard Support and Premium Support packages can be purchased in durations of 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 years. One year of Standard Support is included with all EdgeMarc solutions, but must be purchased separately with EdgeProtect and EdgeView.

All EdgeMarc and EdgeProtect products shipped before June 1, 2015, have a 3-year hardware warranty.
All EdgeMarc and EdgeProtect products shipped after June 1, 2015, have a 5-year hardware warranty.

All EdgeMarc, EdgeProtect, and EdgeView products ship with a one-year Limited Software Warranty.


How to Get Support



Edgewater Networks Online Case Management System



US: +1 408-351-7200 Option 2
EMEA: +44 2037690576 Option 2




Note: Support is only provided by Edgewater Networks to authorized resellers and service providers, and not directly to end-users 

Recognized Severity Levels

A Severity Level describes the impact of a problem on the customer’s (end-user’s) operating environment. Its level is set (or changed) by Edgewater Networks TAC with concurrence from the customer, and the customer is the final arbiter of a problem’s severity.  A given severity level commits both Edgewater Networks TAC and the customer to the priority and resources focused on problem resolution.

Resolution Response Time is the time between response by the Edgewater Networks TAC and a temporary or permanent solution to the customer problem. These resolution times apply only to problems resulting from failure to meet Edgewater Network’s product specifications. Problems outside of product specifications will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Severity 1

Your network is “down” resulting in a critical impact to your business operations. You and Edgewater Networks will commit all necessary resources round the clock to resolve the situation.

Resolution Response Time

A temporary fix (patch) will be provided as soon as it can be developed, working per the committed schedule.  A permanent fix will be provided with the next applicable scheduled release.


Severity 2

Operation of an existing network is severely degraded, or significant aspects of your business operation are negatively impacted by inadequate performance of Edgewater Networks products. You and Edgewater Networks will commit full-time resources during normal business hours to resolve the situation.

Resolution Response Time

A temporary fix (patch) will be provided as soon as it can be developed, working per the committed schedule.  A permanent fix will be provided with the next applicable scheduled release.

Severity 3

Operational performance of your network is impaired while most business operations remain functional. You and Edgewater Networks are willing to commit resources during normal business hours to restore service to satisfactory levels.

Resolution Response Time

A permanent fix will be provided with the next applicable scheduled release. A temporary fix may be made available sooner.

Severity 4

You require information or assistance with Edgewater Networks product capabilities, installation, or configuration. There is little or no impact to your business operations

Resolution Response Time

No patch or fix is required.  Desired change in operation (a change or addition to product specifications) may be submitted to Edgewater Networks product management.


Support Package Options

Standard Support Package customers will receive access to the TAC during local business hours via the online portal (preferred), or via phone and email. Standard Support Package customers are guaranteed a response within a maximum of four-hours. After local business hours are concluded, Standard Support customers can submit a case online, email, or leave a message. You will receive a response within one business day. In addition to technical support, the Standard Support Package also includes Repair & Return RMA (while the Limited Hardware Warranty is still valid), online support (which includes our online self-service case portal, email, knowledgebase, and software downloads), and software maintenance, which allows access to all major and minor software upgrades.

Premium Support Package customers receive priority access to the TAC, and are guaranteed a maximum response time of an hour when they call during local business hours. Premium Support customers may contact us via the methods above and receive after-hours support for Severity 1 Network Down events only.

In addition to all of the above, the Premium Support Package offers Advanced Product Exchange on RMA (while the Limited Hardware Warranty is still valid.)

Lastly, to invoke the Limited Hardware Warranty or the Limited Software Warranty, customers can communicate with the TAC online, over e-mail or at the phone numbers above.

Support Tiers

Tier 1 Support is provided to end-users by Edgewater Networks authorized resellers. This first line of support for customer technical questions will be able to answer the vast majority of common customer questions regarding the use and functioning of Edgewater Networks products. Respondents will be able to provide technical specifications regarding Edgewater Networks products, and provide recommendations as to their appropriate use. They will be able to understand technical terms, troubleshooting, and guides that appear within the Edgewater Networks Technical Support knowledgebase.

Tier 2 Support is provided by Edgewater Networks authorized resellers. This support tier can diagnose problems and resolve basic issues without assistance from the TAC by following solutions published in the Edgewater Networks knowledgebase. For more severe problems, a support representative can carry out instructions from an Edgewater Networks TAC engineer. Has the ability to debug network equipment, and experience with Ethernet and TCP/IP. 

Tier 3 Support is carried out by Edgewater Networks and delivered to Edgewater Networks authorized resellers. This should be necessary only in cases where Edgewater Networks products are failing to meet published specifications, experiencing issues not documented in the knowledgebase, or in cases where unreleased Edgewater Networks Products or undocumented configuration scenarios are being implemented at a customer site.

Standard Terms and Conditions for Edgewater Networks Services can be found at:



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