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On-Demand Webinar: European UC Market Insights 2017

Selling Unified Communication (UC) services to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can be a nuanced and complicated process, and in this webinar we'll teach you the most important factors impacting UC adoption by SMEs in the European market and more.

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On-Demand Webinar with Frost & Sullivan: A New Frontier for UCC Delivery: Network Edge Orchestration

Featuring Frost and Sullivan’s Senior Consulting Analyst, this on-demand webinar will discuss the market opportunities in the UCC market for voice, video, and data, and the Network Edge Orchestration solution which bridges the gap between all adjacent players.

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On-Demand Webinar: Using Intelligent Edge Solutions to Deliver a Better User Experience

In a $26 billion available IP communications market with adoption rates as low as 17% at smaller companies, yet where 75% of the non-adopters are expecting to migrate to the technology within two years, now is the time to strike and take advantage. But the pervasive question is: HOW?

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On-Demand Webinar – Tales from the Field- What Network Edge Orchestration Really Does, As Told by Users

Get a brief overview of how Network Edge Orchestration works, while hearing tales from the field from service providers FlexIP and Complete Interactive Technologies who have actually implemented the platform and use it on a daily basis.

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On-Demand Webinar – Constructing the Right UC Service Offering 

Unified Communications isn’t just a buzzword anymore. It’s everywhere and its popularity is increasing, especially in the huge addressable market of small to medium businesses. But with so many different offerings on the market and so many conflicting messages, how do you make your UC platform different from the pack?

If you’re interested in tapping the nearly $26 billion market for IP and UC, watch now to hear how you can construct the right offering at the right time.

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On-Demand Webinar – Market Analysis for UC & Hosted Services in the SMB Market: Building the Best Offer to Meet Market Needs 

Edgewater Networks surveyed over 1,250 SMB decision makers across the United States and Canada, finding that this market requires a unique value proposition and service delivery model that service providers can deploy to gain entry and take advantage of the up to $26B opportunity.

In this webinar we discussed the market analysis for UC and hosted services in the the growing SMB market, and how to build the best offer to meet market needs.

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On-Demand Webinar – Firewall VS ESBC: You May Be Under Attack and Not Even Know It 

As companies deploy SIP trunks and IP Communications Solutions, one of the first decisions they face is determining how to best secure these systems against hackers and outside threats. 
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On-Demand Webinar: The SMB Market for Unified Communications and Hosted Services 

Edgewater Networks and Metaswitch recently performed an independent market research survey to find out what members of the SMB market really believed about IP communications and hosted services and how this would affect business. Surveying over 1,250 SMB decision makers across the United States and Canada, the results were startling and can help you find a winning formula to attack the market. 
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On-Demand Webinar: The Truth About Hosted Deployment

In this webinar, we discuss the various Hosted PBX deployment models available to customers and what service providers need to know to choose a deployment solution that is right for their target audience. 
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On-Demand Webinar: Mobile Video Conferencing – Where Security Meets the Road 

In this webinar, we took a closer look at the obstacles facing mobile video conferencing and how companies can ensure secure remote access for their mobile video conferencing workforce.

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Back to the Future: A Spotlight on Managed Services 

SMBs are currently being offered the same products as enterprises and it’s time for network carriers and services providers to capitalize on this change. Who should they be addressing when approaching an SMB and why? 

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